“There is a natural connection between me and the mountains.”

On Stevo Backor’s back is a homemade wooden frame – it’s as long as a ladder and loaded like a heavy goods vehicle with barrels of beer, drinks, fresh supplies, gas canisters etc. The heaviest load he ever carried weighed 121 kilograms.

He is one of more than 60 Tatra hiking Sherpas who supply the mountain huts in the smallest alpine range in the world, in just the same way it’s been done for 200 years. There, it’s not just cable cars and goods supply cables that are in short supply, but roads too.

HANWAG is equipment partner of the Tatra Sherpas and Stevo Backor is a member of the HANWAG SOLE PEOPLE. Watch his story here.

The HANWAG SOLE PEOPLE go their own way in hiking and mountain boots. People who dare to take the first step into a new adventure, push personal or social boundaries and follow a calling.

Learn more about Stevo Backor's great passion - the Sherpa life - on HANWAG Stories.

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