Alta Bunion II Lady GTX

Designed for comfort with extra room at the forefoot – a lightweight leather hiking boot m...

270,00 €

Banks Lady GTX

Super comfortable, high-quality full leather nubuck boot with a GORE-TEX lining for hiking...

260,00 €

Alta Bunion II Lady LL

Designed for comfort with extra room at the forefoot – a leather hiking boot made using ou...

270,00 €

Tatra II Bunion Lady GTX

The hallux valgus version of our comfortable GORE-TEX trekking boot for wearers with bunio...

330,00 €



Lhasa II Wide Lady

Comfortable, lightweight and robust too – this yak leather boot has a wider fit and improv...

340,00 €

Tatra II Lady GTX

Wonderfully comfortable GORE-TEX trekking boot with enhanced details and a lightweight, ye...

320,00 €

Tatra II Wide Lady GTX

Wonderfully comfortable GORE-TEX trekking boot built for a wider forefoot with clever deta...

320,00 €

Banks SF Extra Lady GTX

Roomy StraightFit Extra version of the Trek Light nubuck boot for hikers with a wider fore...

270,00 €

Grünten Lady

Timeless and versatile – a mid-cut double-stitched boot with a soft, padded cuff for mount...

380,00 €

Alaska Lady GTX

The classic trekking boot with a GORE-TEX lining and comfortable fit – for all types of ad...

350,00 €

Travi Lady

Long-lasting and comfortable – a high-quality full leather boot made of supple yak leather...

260,00 €

Torsby SF Extra Lady GTX

Sporty and sturdy – a women’s lightweight, mid-cut hiking boot with modern styling for hik...

240,00 €

Alaska Pro Lady GTX

Timeless, high-quality boot for trekking adventures all over the world. A reliable classic...

380,00 €

Waxenstein Bio Lady

A pleasure to wear – a mid-cut Trek Light boot made of chrome-free leather

270,00 €

Banks Lady LL

Super comfortable, high-quality boot for hiking in all terrain from flatter regions to eas...

260,00 €

Yukon Lady

High comfort & versatility – a classic, leather lined hiking boot

350,00 €