Where do we come from? Where are we going? As a traditional bootmaker, our main focus is manufacturing high-quality products. We are proud of our origins and handcrafted expertise and constantly seek to apply them in the present and carry them into the future. From 1921 to the present, Hanwag has stood for traditional handcrafted workmanship combined with technical innovation, quality and a unique fit.


These values have set us apart for nearly 100 years. And they continue to guide us to this day. To make boots and shoes with consistently high quality, selecting the right materials plays a decisive role. This is why we source our raw materials very carefully and select them for their durability. This means that we choose our suppliers very carefully too. To ensure the greatest possible sustainability, virtually the entire Hanwag leather supply chain is within the European Union. From raw materials, to the tanning process in the Gold-certified tanneries of the Leather Working Group through to manufacturing.


Our footwear is built using high-quality materials and manufacturing. We use only two shoemaking techniques: cemented construction and double stitching.


Creating the right fit – from the outset. The perfect fit is the most important criterion for every boot and shoe. This is why we make all Hanwag models using special, dedicated lasts.


Innovation rooted in tradition – we develop new technologies together with experienced, European athletes. This is how we make footwear for active sporting use, perfected right down to the very last detail.


Thanks to their cemented or double-stitched constructions, all our footwear is particularly robust. By continuing to use these constructions, we are also upholding traditional handcrafted shoemaking techniques that few other shoemakers still master.

The wearer can only really appreciate the quality of their footwear if it offers a perfect fit. Every boot and shoe we make has its own distinctive shape and character. This is determined by the last. All our models are made using specially optimised lasts designed for a specific category and area of activity. The result: hiking, trekking and mountaineering without blisters, a perfect fit, and a backpack full of memories. Since 1921, we have continued to develop and move forwards.

By combining the latest techniques, functionality and trends with the solid foundations of our proven handcrafted shoemaking expertise in Vierkirchen, Bavaria, we make tried-and-tested, innovative, high-quality footwear for a wide range of conditions and terrain. With technologies such as the PFC-free EcoShell membrane, which is integrated in our Active Winter models or the Hanwag TubeTec Rock sole, with its extremely cushioning PU midsole, we have proved again and again that tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

Premium products only truly excel when they are the result of genuine craftsmanship. This is why we continue to make our footwear at the same location, where there are experts with extensive experience and an intimate understanding of every detail involved in handcrafted shoemaking. We are proud of this expertise, which makes it possible to continue to apply our nearly 100-year-old values – combining quality, fit and functionality to make individual boots and shoes. And as an international brand, we are delighted that this is admired and appreciated by mountaineers, trekkers and hikers all over the world.