Bluestrait ES

Multifunctional and resource efficient – the Bluestrait ES is a mid-cut winter boot for ac...

220,00 €

Bluestrait Mid ES

Multifunctional and resource efficient – the Bluestrait Mid ES is a higher-cut winter boot...

240,00 €

Banks Winter GTX

Lightweight and warm – the new winter version of our classic trekking boot

260,00 €

Banks Snow GTX

Built for warmth and snowshoe compatibility – a technical, versatile winter boot with high...

280,00 €

Alaska Winter GTX

Top winter insulation – a warm, robust classic trekking boot for cold days

290,00 €

Abisko GTX

Super warm and highly robust – a winter expedition boot designed for sub-zero temperatures

400,00 €

Räven II

A genuine classic – double-stitched winter boot with a high felt upper

400,00 €

Grizzly Top

Robust, stylish – a genuine double-stitched, high-cut boot with an IceGrip sole tread

500,00 €

Grünten Winter

Timeless all-rounder – a mid-cut double-stitched boot with a soft leather collar for easy ...

350,00 €

Fjäll Extreme GTX

Warm, robust and outstanding grip – the ideal boot for demanding winter trekking and snows...

350,00 €