A double-stitched mid-cut mountain boot made of robust yak leather



A mid-cut boot with an authentic double-stitched construction – homage to traditional moun...



Stylish, yet unpretentious, double-stitched mid-cut boot `Made in Germany´. Superb comfort...



Timeless and versatile – a mid-cut double-stitched boot with a soft, padded cuff for mount...


Stuiben II

An authentic Bavarian mountain boot made with a traditional double-stitched construction –...



Traditional and functional – the double-stitched boot for mountain hiking


Kofel Mid Special Edition

Timeless and stylish – a mid-cut boot with a traditional, double-stitched construction for...


Räven II

A genuine classic – double-stitched winter boot with a high felt upper


Bergell Top

Goes on and on – a classic double-stitched boot built for rough terrain


Grünten Winter

Timeless all-rounder – a mid-cut double-stitched boot with a soft leather collar for easy ...


Grizzly Top

Robust, stylish – a genuine double-stitched, high-cut boot with an IceGrip sole tread