Katharina Krepold

A woman going her own way

Katharina is constantly drawn to the mountains – to the simple life on the alpine pastures, to the sense of purpose her job gives her, the responsibility of looking after the animals, the physical nature of the work, the peace and calm, and the feeling of complete freedom surrounded by nature. The young mother from Allgäu has spent the past 13 summers working high up on the alpine meadows.

Katharina is a member of the HANWAG Sole People team and a passionate alpine farmer (Älplerin).

Her work on the alp is hard and involves countless steps and vertical metres. As such, her boots are one of her most important pieces of equipment. They accompany the mother of two daughters on the path that she thinks is right – as she goes her own way.

HANWAG spent an alpine summer with Katharina on the mountain pastures – and made this short film about a woman who is going her own way.

Let yourself be inspired by Katharina herself:

Selected by Katharina

“The work here on the alp makes me really happy. I feel totally fulfilled.”

Katharina Krepold

As an alpine dairy farmer, Katharina transforms fresh alpine milk into cheese and butter. There’s a lot more that goes into each cheese than is at first apparent: exhaustion, happy moments, desperation, tinkling cow bells, storms, sunrises and sunsets, tears and joy of a whole alpine summer with all its ups and downs. 

Cheesemaking is a time-consuming and demanding job. From coagulation, to cutting the curds with a cheese harp to maturing in the cheese moulds – every step requires expertise, experience and muscle power.

For a few years now, Katharina’s two small daughters come with her up to the alpine pastures. She sees this as both a challenge and a privilege. She appreciates the fact that she can combine work and family – and the positive influence that it has on her kids.

Freedom, roots, responsibility, vitality, trust, creativity, being close to nature – they experience all this and more up on the alp. They see what really matters in life.


Katharina explains how to make this dream come true – and what to bear in mind if you want to work in alpine pastures or at a mountain hut.

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