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Born from a passion for exploring the surrounding mountains, Hanwag, founded by Hans Wagner, started making boots 100 years ago. Hans built a brand dedicated to craftsmanship, repairability, and quality materials, made to last a lifetime in nature. We're celebrating with a collection capturing 100 years of heritage - introducing the Hans Wagner Heritage collection.

Hans and Hanwag have a heritage of pioneering some of the best construction techniques, combining quality materials and craftsmanship to produce these special–edition boots, introducing the limited edition Hans Wagner Heritage collection - made for a lifetime in nature.

Each pair is embossed with a special edition 100 year logo

100 years of craftsmanship, constructed and sourced in Europe

Each pair are packaged in a limited edition, collectors box


Hans 100 and Wagner 100 – Timeless Classics

Fashions come and go, yet heritage-built boots last forever. The Wagner 100 and the Hans 100 boots are reviving classic, double-stitched mountain boots from when Hanwag was founded 100 years ago. It's a tribute to the past, using modern materials and construction. Double stitching is a technique that few other bootmakers master. These boots are made to last a lifetime.


Alaska 100 - 100 meets 25

The Alaska 100 honors 25 years of the Hanwag Alaska GTX and our 100th anniversary. The limited-edition Alaska 100 is made using eco-friendly and socially responsible leather from the Heinen tannery. The timeless design features a special 100 year anniversary embossed logo and a commemorative box; each pair is built for a lifetime in nature.