Donnie Vincent is a biologist, steward of Nature, and leader in conscious hunting. With over 100 days in the field per year, his pursuits in Nature require gear to keep him comfortable and safe. Hanwag has designed and built backcountry boots for over 100 years. This expertise and craftsmanship in footwear empower a conservationist like Donnie Vincent; They are designed to do.


Driven by Nature, Donnie has consistently let the outdoors and his passion for adventure be the compass for his life. The wide-open expanses of the world’s most remote territories dominate his thoughts and conversations. Deep in the heart of the wildest of the terrain is where Donnie & Hanwag Boots thrive. On his expeditions into remote wilds, in the lands where seemingly no one lives, he finds a wilderness and peacefulness that is all his own.

An explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman, Donnie takes a broader view of the topics he tackles while in the field because, to him, this is all a story worth telling. It is a story of ancestral heritage, native respect, and the desire to live meaningfully, empowering us all to open our minds to the bigger picture and inspire us to find our adventure.

When setting out on a hunt in the snow-covered Chugach Mountains of the Alaskan Pacific Coast, Donnie trusted our Sirius II GTX boots to carry him through the most challenging terrain with ultimate confidence.