Waterproof, breathable and sustainable. With Eco-Shell Footwear, Hanwag is presenting a new, proprietary membrane for Autumn 2018 that is perfect for functional winter footwear. The new Hanwag Eco-Shell footwear models in the Active Winter Collection are 100% free from fluorochemicals.

And for good reason. For years, waterproof outdoor equipment has been treated with high-performance chemicals to make it water resistant. However, fluorocarbons, in particular PFCs, are unnatural, break down very slowly (they are characterized as persistent) and have been found in water and air samples at some of the most remote areas on the planet. PFCs can harm people, animals and the environment. This is why Hanwag aims to stop using fluorochemicals in the long term. Eco-Shell Footwear is a first step to reaching this goal.

The Eco-Shell footwear membrane works as a hydrophilic system. The hydrophilic system is a chemical process (A) where sweat, i.e. moisture (B) on the inside of the membrane is transformed into moisture vapour (C) and transported away to evaporate outside. Eco-Shell Footwear is a polyurethane (PU) membrane.

The new Eco-Shell footwear models in the Active Winter Collection have a three-layer laminate: The outer layer is made from polyamide to protect the membrane. In the middle layer, a PU membrane effectively stops moisture from getting in from the outside, while transporting moisture away from the foot. Finally, a warm lining made of 100% recycled polyester protects feet from the cold.

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