Hanwag boots and shoes are known for their exceptional fit. Our BUNION category is developed especially for wearers with a hallux valgus. With these specially developed lasts, we are taking a further step towards providing the perfect fit – for all types of feet. The wide range of BUNION models in the different Hanwag categories offer people with one of the most commonly occurring foot problems – hallux valgus – well-fitting footwear for hiking free from discomfort.



Hallux valgus is one of the main causes of painful feet. A bunion is a bony bump on side of the foot at the base of the big toe. Many people – often women, boulderers and sport climbers – suffer when their big toe moves out of place, leaning inward toward the second toe and the big toe joint becomes stiff. Occasionally, people can be born with bunions or develop them during childhood. However, in most cases bunions form in adulthood. Bunions are often the result of flat feet or “fallen arches”, which can be caused by wearing shoes that are too small, tight or uncomfortable, like high heels. If a foot is subjected to improper strain or restricted in ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes, then a hallux valgus can develop. Our exclusive Hanwag BUNION lasts provide additional room for the big toe joint to allow mountaineers, trekkers, hikers and walkers to go on foot without pain or discomfort. Discover the Hanwag Bunion collection.


Underestimated, but rarely unnoticed. Hallux valgus, or bunions, are one of the most common foot conditions. Hallux valgus is caused by a splayfoot from wearing unsuitable shoes, especially high heels, or shoes that are too narrow and can also be caused by weak connective tissue or being overweight. As such, women, boulderers and sport climbers are often affected. As the foot musculature grows weaker, the first metatarsal bone moves out of place. As a result, the big toe points inwards (towards the other toes) and the base or ball of the big toe joint forms a ganglion. The more the big toe pushes inwards against the other toes, the more the second and third toe are affected. In severe cases, hallux valgus can lead to discomfort when walking or hiking.


With its 28 bones, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments and tendons – the foot is a complex construction. Our feet form our very foundation. No other body part is equipped with so many sensors to provide information to the brain about the nature of the ground we walk on. They perform an extraordinary task on a daily basis – up to three times our body weight presses down on them as we move. The arch, ligaments and muscles all work together to cushion and absorb this load. However, should any of the bones suffer a malalignment, this can quickly lead to serious problems and painful discomfort. Wearing the right kind of footwear reduces the formation of malalignments and relieves the pressure on the foot as it goes about its daily business.