In the workshop, each boot or shoe is given its own, specific form – this is defined by the last. A last is a model rather like an artificial foot. It’s made either from a meticulously designed piece of wood or plastic and the footwear is fashioned around it. The last used should correspond to the shape of your foot, otherwise your footwear will never fit properly, no matter how many uncomfortable kilometres you hike trying to break it in. 


The Hanwag fit is a legend in itself. Over one hundred years of experience, superior craftsmanship, select materials and sophisticated production methods explain why. And this is further confirmed by regular feedback from customers and industry design awards. All Hanwag boots and shoes are made specifically for men and women, for a designated category or area of activity, using special lasts that have been continually optimised over the years.

If you have a Hanwag shoe in a particular size, it is not the case that all Hanwag footwear in that size will fit you. This is because we use particular lasts for particular types of activity. For example, our TREK category footwear is made using a more comfortable last than our ALPINE category footwear, where optimal grip is the first priority. Tip: Men with very narrow feet should also try the women’s sizes (available up to size 9).


No two feet are the same. This is why not every last and shoe shape will fit every hiker or mountaineer. To ensure a better, more individual fit, we started developing our own special lasts many years back. If you always have problems finding the right footwear, if your boots have always been “too wide”, “too narrow” or only offer “poor grip”, then you need our Hanwag special lasts.


Goodbye pressure points at the sides of the feet. Our Wide Last has a standard heel section, but is wider at the forefoot and ball of the foot. Our wide models are for people who find standard models too narrow.


Our Narrow Last is designed for all male and female hikers and mountaineers who find that normal footwear is usually too wide. It offers better support and grip for narrower feet in mountain terrain and more precision and security on rock.


Many people – often women, but also boulderers and sport climbers – suffer from bunions (hallux valgus) and stiffness of the big toe joint. Our special Bunion Last provides additional room around the big toe joint.


Our StraightFit Last offers an innovative, generous toe box that allows the big toe to assume a straight position and provides more room for the toes. This particularly benefits people with a wider forefoot and generally offers enhanced overall comfort and insulation for all feet.


Our StraightFit Extra Last combines the generous, wide toe box of our StraightFit Last that allows the big toe to assume a straight position with additional room at the forefoot and the ball of the foot area from our Wide Last. As such, it provides a good fit for people with a wider forefoot – or who want more space for their big toe.


Due to the technical requirements, our ALPINE models have a slightly narrower shape. However, our AlpineWide Last gives a wider forefoot area. By alleviating pressure in the toe box, there is less risk of frostbite and it’s possible to wear thicker socks.