The Yak project

From Tibet to Bavaria - Boots made from the finest yak leather.

HANWAG – the Bavarian bootmakers – are about more than just traditional, German high-quality craftsmanship. The experts in handcrafted footwear now also make sought-after hiking and trekking boots from anually limited amount of yak leather, imported from the Lhasa Leather Factory in Tibet. The Tibetan leather manufacturer and Hanwag have concluded an exclusive agreement. In particular, Hanwag is interested in acting in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner and not just sourcing the best materials. As part of the agreement Hanwag insisted that production is accordance with strict European environmental standards – the Lhasa Leather Factory not only meets these standards but exceeds them.

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From Bavaria to Tibet

HANWAG employee Peter Wilson:

"What are conditions actually like in the factory?

This is what I wanted to find out when I arrived in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. I spent a little more than a week in Lhasa, finding our more about the factory, its manufacturing techniques and environmental principles."

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