1. Material selection

We select our materials according to the most stringent statutory regulations and exclusively from suppliers in Europe.



2. Punching and skiving

 The leather uppers, lining and reinforcements are punched and then prepared for stitching using simple, hand-operated machinery.



3. Stitching

  The different sections of the uppers are taken to the stitching department, where they are stitched together to form a complete upper.




4. Cemented construction

 Cemented construction is a complex technique for making high-quality boots. This special construction also means that the boot is re-soleable (as all Hanwag footwear is).



5. Rubber Band

Some boots are given a rubber rand which is glued to the upper. It protects the leather from rocks and scree.



6. Finishing

Any glue or dirt from the manufacturing process is cleaned away.



7. Packing

After a final check by one of our team, the boots are laced, labelled and packed.



8. Praxis

This is what our footwear is made for: unconditional activities in the mountains.