The Pirmasens Test and Research Institute (Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut - PFI) has confirmed the slip-resistant properties of the IceGrip sole Logo

In Winter 2008, we were the first footwear manufacturer to launch a sole with significantly improved grip on black ice – the HANWAG IceGrip sole. The secret behind it is the microscopically small glass particles in the tread blocks that literally claw into the surface of the ice to provide better slip-resistance. The effect is similar to sand paper.

Our Ivalo GTX model was awarded the ISPO Outdoor Award 2008 for footwear because of its IceGrip technology. In addition, the Pirmasens Test and Research Institute (Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut – PFI) has officially classified the sole as slip-resistant.

We ensure that all our winter footwear has good insulation, stability and support in combination with excellent walking performance. The HANWAG IceGrip sole significantly improves winter safety and comfort. This is why we fit all winter models - across all categories - with the award-winning IceGrip sole.

How does the HANWAG IceGrip sole work?

The revolutionary HANWAG IceGrip sole uses a special winter rubber compound with fine glass particles on specific tread blocks that scratch into the surface of the ice - like sandpaper. The IceGrip zones are slightly softer than the harder surrounding tread blocks that ensure good grip both on asphalt (thanks to their friction) and on snow (thanks to their rugged profile) at all times.

Our IceGrip technology is proven in practice. Test results with SATRA equipment also confirm how effective it is. SATRA found that the HANWAG IceGrip sole provides seven times more grip than a conventional rubber compound (see results).

Tested using SATRA equipment

IceGrip Test

Normal Sole
Dry 0,497 0,587
Wet 0,326 0,412
Ice 0,067 0,474
The SATRA TM144 test shows: the higher the test result, the greater the grip on different surfaces. 1.00 would be 1G, i.e. exaclty the same amount of traction as there is vertical pressure (weight) on the sole.