Find your last

What’s a last?

At the factory a boot or shoe is given its own, specific form, this is defined by the last. A last is a model rather like an artificial foot. It’s made either from a solid piece of wood or plastic and the footwear's fashioned around it. If the lasts used don’t correspond to your own foot shape, the footwear will never fit properly and hours and hours of painful hiking won’t make any difference.

The perfect fit is pivotal to good footwear

Since founding the company in 1921, HANWAG has worked to achieve this goal. And we believe that the regular feedback from customers and design awards from the industry show that we're getting it right. The HANWAG fit is virtually a legend in itself. Over nine decades of experience, superb craftsmanship, the best materials and sophisticated production techniques explain why. The goal is to deliver function-rich, top-quality footwear. 

Each model is designed for a particular category and area of activity and created using specially made and enhanced lasts – in most cases with dedicated men’s and women’s versions. Tip: Men with very narrow feet should also try on the women’s sizes (available up to size 9).

Our special lasts

For over 90 years we’ve been making high-quality mountaineering and trekking footwear and we’re renowned for our outstanding fit. First of all we do of course have lasts for women and men. We still attune our lasts depending on the footwear’s purpose, so they are slightly more comfortable in our TREK and TREK LIGHT models and narrower for the ROCK series. We also have lasts for people whose feet are not a standard shape or size. Some of these specialist lasts include:

Wide lasts

Wide lasts have standard heel sections, but are wider around the forefoot and ball of the foot. Our wide models are for people who find standard models too narrow at the front.

Our wide last models: Alaska Wide GTXAlaska Wide GTX LadyYukon WideTatra Top Wide GTXTatra WideTatra Wide LadyTatra Wide GTXTatra Wide Lady GTXBanks Wide GTXBanks Wide Lady GTXCanyon WideCanyon Wide LadyCanyon Wide GTXCanyon Wide Lady GTX, Outrider Wide GTXOutrider Wide Lady GTX

Narrow lasts

Our narrow lasts are designed for people who usually find normal models too wide and unsupportive. We make our best-selling Tatra (leather and GORE-TEX® lining) in a narrow last version. 

Our narrow last models: Tatra NarrowTatra Narrow LadyTatra Narrow GTX, Tatra Narrow Lady GTX

Bunion lasts

Bunions (hallux valgus), are a bony protuberance at the base of the big toe, and one of the most common problems that people experience with their feet. Many people – mainly women, but also boulderers and sport climbers – suffer from bunions and inflamed joints at the big toe. This is why HANWAG developed its unique Bunion Last. It provides additional room specifically at the big toe joint where it’s needed – and nowhere else for a perfect fit. 

Our Hallux models: Click here to see the entire collection.

StraightFit lasts

Our StraightFit lasts are based on our trekking lasts, but with new toe boxes. They allow the big toe to sit straight and provide a lot of space for the toes generally and benefit people with wider forefeet in particular. 


Our StraightFit last models: Tudela Light, Tudela Light Lady, Tudela Light GTX, Tudela Light Lady GTXLamedo Low Lady GTXLamedo Low GTXPuro LowBacal MidBacal LowBacal Low LadyWaxenstein BioWaxenstein Bio LadyLoferer BioAlvik GTXAlvik Lady GTXTudela Mid Winter GTX,  Lhamo GTX, Lhamo Lady GTX

Alpin Wide Last

In contrast to our standard Alpin Last, which has a slightly narrower design to allow better technical (climbing) performance, our Alpin Wide Last has a wider forefoot to prevent pressure points when climbing or walking. And as we use this last to make our Alpin models for the higher ranges, it also enables the user to wear thicker socks. By alleviating pressure in the toe box, there is less risk of frostbite.


Our AlpineWide last models: Sirius II GTX®, Sirius II Lady GTX®, Avior GTX®

NaturalFit lasts

NaturalFit technology allows the foot to adopt a more natural foot posture, as if you were barefoot. Ideal for travel and leisure use.


Our NaturalFit last models: Tierra Low, Tierra Low Lady, Tierra Low GTX®, Tierra Low Lady GTX® Tierra Mid GTX® Tierra Mid Lady GTX®