All HANWAG models can be resoled*

If a boot or shoe is in a reasonable condition but the sole is worn it may benefit from a resole.

At HANWAG we make all our footwear using the cemented construction method, apart from our double-stitched boots. Cemented construction is a traditional and complex shoemaking technique, where the shaft is worked over the insole on a last before the outsole is attached with adhesive (cement) directly to the lasted upper. It requires a lot of craftsmanship and experience. The result is a very durable boot or shoe with outstanding stability and a long-lasting fit.

Cement-lasted footwear also has the advantage that it can be resoled over and over again. To do this the old sole is completely removed. This means that, if required, the full rubber rand can also be renewed. The new sole is then attached (cemented) directly to the upper.

What can I do if the sole is worn or coming away from my boot or shoe?

If your footwear is still in a good condition apart from this problem, all HANWAG footwear can be resoled. You can either consult a reputable shoemaker or take your footwear to an approved HANWAG dealer, who can then send it to us to be resoled.

The soles don’t have as much grip as before, why?

With a new boot or shoe, it could be that there is impregnating agent residue on the sole. This will rub away in a short time as you walk. If you have not used your shoes for a long period of time it is possible that the surface of the sole has hardened and therefore become more slippery. This is normal. The soles of all HANWAG boots and shoes contain natural rubber (an expensive natural material in comparison to cheaper PU soles). Simply take a wire brush or fine sandpaper and lightly roughen up the surface, or try going for a walk on a tarred road.

What should I do if I find a defect with my HANWAG boots or shoes?

Take them back to the HANWAG dealer where you bought them. The HANWAG dealer will check the defect and decide if it is a justified complaint. In this case, they will be returned to HANWAG and repaired free of charge or you will receive a replacement pair.

Can I have my double-stitched boots resoled?

Yes. All genuine double-stitched boots can be resoled.